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Google SGE Optimization

SEO for Search through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

PageSpeed.PRO is a decades long pioneer in internet optimization technologies and can provide innovative solutions to secure access to customers from AI search.

Google Gemini AI for SEO

With Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE), that will replace the regular Google in 2024, and emerging AI search competitors such as, internet search is changed.

AI Puppeteer Web-browsing

Google Bard Advanced Puppeteer web-browser

SGE and AI search aim to answer questions directly on the search page, and SGE will perform web-browsing on behalf of its users.

Google's latest Bard Advanced with Gemini Ultra AI, released early 2024, enables Google to navigate a fully functioning website on a user's behalf, using Google's Chrome Puppeteer technology.

AI Puppeteer web-browsing enables a user to ask Google to place an order on a webshop, to fill in an application form or to perform an automated chat interaction with a business chat helpdesk.

The AI Puppeteer has access to all the user's personal information in Google's services, which includes email (Gmail), documents, search history and payment through Google Pay, so that it can perform complex tasks autonomously.


In the future, it are service speed and context optimization that matter most from the perspective of Google's most vital interest: user experience.

Optimizing for Google SGE provides a strategic advantage that over time becomes essential for any online business.

Need ideas? We can help you! Send us a message and let's discuss the opportunities of Google SGE and AI search optimization for your business.

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