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Welcome to PageSpeed.PRO

PageSpeed.pro is specialized in website performance optimization and Google PageSpeed Score optimization. The roots of the company originated in White Hat SEO (ethical SEO).

Our team has advanced knowledge of the full spectrum of website performance optimization (frontend and backend) and we provide service at low costs. We are expert in backend software optimization such as PHP and Node.js applications, WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento. And we are expert in frontend optimization for general website frontend frameworks such as jQuery and professional javascript applications such as AngluarJS and React.js. We are able to provide the ultimate performance result for both stability and speed for almost any website.

You can hire us for performance review and advice and for applied website performance optimization for WordPress, Magento or a custom CMS.

Our customers are mainly small to medium sized businesses for whom website performance at low costs provides a significant benefit for long term success. To deliver low costs, we develop tools that are provided for free or at a low fee such as our free WordPress optimization plugin Above The Fold Optimization, a plugin for Google PageSpeed Score optimization.

Our knowledge is not limited to providing sufficient performance results to sell to customers. We are focused on innovation and achieving the best website performance possible. In 2014 we invented a technology that enables to achieve true instant page load times and up to 99.9% HTML data-transfer saving for complex websites such as WordPress and Magento. A demo is available on www.fastestwebsite.co.

If you have a question related to website performance or are interested to learn what our team can do for your website or company, send us an email at info@pagespeed.pro.