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PageSpeed.PRO publishes free optimization tools under the name Style.Tools.

  1. browser-widget - DevTools for frontend optimization (FEO).
  2. $async - Professional async CSS and script loader.
  3. $lazy - Professional lazy loader and in-view callback.
  4. Critical CSS generator - A PostCSS based critical CSS generator with Puppeteer-like browser control that can achieve 100% accuracy.
  5. Unused CSS remover - Advanced unused CSS extractor & remover.
  6. Duplicate CSS remover - Duplicate CSS remover.

Documentation is available on

DevTools for frontend optimization (FEO)

The Style.Tools project started as a free browser-widget that provides a sort of DevTools (developer tools) for frontend optimization (FEO).

Style.Tools is available with 1 click on any page on the internet, including pages behind a login.

Start Style.Tools🔬 FEO

The Style.Tools widget provides many state of the art optimization tools, including:

  1. CSS editor with themes
  2. Critical CSS generator
  3. Unused CSS extractor and remover
  4. Duplicate CSS remover
  5. CSS beautify
  6. CSS code optimization (clean-css)
  7. CSS code repair (fix malformed CSS)
  8. CSS lint (quality checks)
  9. CSS statistics (analysis)
  10. PostCSS plugins: autoprefixer and many more
  11. Above-the-fold optimizer

The widget provides localhost and offline support via a Service Worker on domain You can use many of the features locally without an internet connection. The cache for preferences is preserved across domains.

Documentation is available on