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Google CDN FEO is a complete frontend optimization solution for any website, 100% independent from the CMS and webserver. It includes everything needed to achieve a perfect Google Core Web Vitals score which is an important factor for findability in Google (SEO).

The solution is technically similar to CloudFlare and can be added to a website as a network-layer. The solution is fully automated using a tailored optimization strategy and once configured, does not pose requirements for website administration which makes it a cost efficient and easy solution.

Google CDN FEO is easy to add to a website and does not require changes to the source code of a website. It is also cost efficient: for some websites the optimizations can be performed in Google's free tier.

Google's infrastructure provides advanced network security and DDoS prevention and it provides an international page cache for the best network-performance related SEO advantage.

The solution contains hundreds of cutting-edge (unique) innovations for website performance optimization.

Google CDN FEO provides professional level HTML, CSS, javascript and image optimization with the latest software via Google Cloud infrastructure. The plugin supports Google Guetzli (AI-software) and Google WebP for image compression and provides advanced image editing which enables to professionally watermark and edit images with easy control through a HTML attribute.

The optimization via Google Cloud infrastructure is amazingly fast: hundreds of images, stylesheets and scripts can be optimized simultaneously in a few seconds.

Google CDN FEO provides all the latest optimization technologies including async stylesheet and script loading, responsive images and lazy loading.

Google CDN FEO provides an international page cache on Google's network that provides the best website speed in any region of the world for an advantage for SEO.

Google CDN FEO provides a state of the art automated Critical CSS generator and Unused CSS remover in Google Cloud infrastructure that can provide 100% accuracy. The critical CSS generator and unused CSS remover enables to bypass Google's remove unused CSS penalty purely on the basis of minimum CSS.

Google CDN FEO is integrated with Style.Tools browser-widget.

  • Advanced CSS editor with themes.
  • Advanced CSS code optimization and repair.
  • Above-the-fold optimizer.

Google's Core Web Vitals score

Google's Core Web Vitals is a new score system for measuring the performance of a website very accurately, on a user-experience level. The score is increasingly important for findability in Google (SEO).

Google writes the following about the importance of the score for SEO:

With Google Search now including Core Web Vitals as the foundation for evaluating page experience, it's important that these metrics are as available and actionable as possible.

Google CDN FEO can provide a stable 100-score for any website, including the most complex ones.

Test the Core Web Vitals score of your website:


Google CDN FEO can be provided as part of a managed optimization.

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