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Above The Fold Optimization is author of the free WordPress plugin Above The Fold Optimization, a plugin that enables advanced users and optimization specialists to achieve a Google PageSpeed 100 score for WordPress websites.

The plugin contains many innovations such as a HTML5 Fetch API + WebWorker + localStorage based javascript loader and a Javascript Proxy that solve Google PageSpeed score penalties almost automatically. There are no existing solutions that offer the functionality of the plugin. It is a unique plugin that is almost completely an innovation to solve Above The Fold Optimization related problems (one of the most complex website performance related problems).

Advanced WordPress Optimization

We are developing a plugin that enables professional level website performance optimization for WordPress (and other platforms such as Magento). The plugin is based on an Optimization API that enables professional optimization software such as Google Closure Compiler (javascript optimization) and Google WebP image optimization. The plugin will offer unique website performance optimization innovations such as Fetch Stream API based javascript loading (1 request for ‘per file’ javascript loading) and per page CSS sprite creation that will enable even professional optimized websites to obtain 10x improved speed.

The key quality of the new plugin will be that it is automated and easy to use. The plugin will enable users with no technical knowledge to obtain a professional optimized website and a Google PageSpeed 100 Score. The plugin will offer a great benefit for SEO (high rankings in Google).

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Instant Speed + 99.9% data-transfer saving + real time HTML (live content) has invented a technology that is able to provide true instant website page load times for complex websites such as WordPress and Magento, with high reliability, no restrictions, no special demands (simple to install as a website plugin), up to 99% real HTML data transfer saving and on top of that real-time HTML (live content) that offers unprecedented new possibilities for the internet.

The technology delivers a result that goes far beyond anything that exists and it provides all of the features of what Google describes as “Progressive Web Apps“, which is seen by Google as the future of the internet.

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