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Advanced WordPress Optimization Plugin

We are developing a professional WordPress optimization plugin that will provide a complete solution for the full spectrum of website performance (frontend and backend). The plugin will make professional optimization software available in WordPress and the plugin will be automated and easy to use so that users with no technical knowledge will be able to obtain a professional optimized website and a Google PageSpeed 100 Score by simply installing the plugin.

The plugin will provide up to 50x better speed than existing (premium) plugins such as WP Rocket, WP Hummingbird, WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

The plugin will offer a complete solution for website performance for free, similar to W3 Total Cache and Autoptimize but focused on SEO and much better. It will contain javascript, CSS and HTML compression, full page cache, CDN and more for free.

The following features will be part of a “Pro” upgrade:

  • Optimization API that provides access to professional optimization software (and literally thousands of optimization settings for specialists to tune their website performance with).
  • Optimization wizard to automatically fine tune the optimization settings and achieve a Google PageSpeed 100 score, this feature is required for non technical users to optimize their website for performance and SEO.
  • Automated (professional quality) critical CSS creation and maintenance for unlimited pages.
  • Advanced and unique website performance innovations (some of which will be sold as individual extensions), such as per page CSS sprite creation that offers even professional optimized websites 4x to 10x improved physical speed, making an ‘instant’ load time experience possible for complex webshop pages with 50+ images.

The free plugin will in itself beat all existing plugins, however, the premium features will be essential for most users and go a big step beyond what is currently possible in website performance.

The Advanced WordPress Optimization plugin will enable non technical users and complex webshops that cannot afford to lose a single customer, to achieve a stable Google PageSpeed 100 score for every page on their website, automatically. It is unique and it is not to be expected that anyone will be able to provide a plugin that offers the same. The innovation required goes beyond even what top performance specialists at Google have only wondered about, while making it reliably available for any internet user in any real world situation.

Critical CSS creation is difficult even for optimization professionals. For non technical users it may be required to spend many hours to maybe obtain poor quality critical CSS for a few pages while the Pro version of the plugin will provide professional quality critical CSS for unlimited pages automatically.

A Google PageSpeed 100 score has a significant effect on SEO. We have seen many customers, sometimes with a new website, obtain top 10 rankings for premium keywords and often receive free business box promotion on Google mobile (#1 spot in local business, the physical #1 spot on modern Google pages + a large right side box with company details, pictures and more). The reason for this is that Google is increasingly offering users dedicated mobile services, for example to find a local business, and when Google has to select a website for use in their services they will select a website that has the best chance to offer users an optimal mobile experience, which is measured by the Google PageSpeed score. A Google PageSpeed 100 score for unlimited pages will therefor return a lot of real profit to websites on the long term.

The plugin is based on an Optimization API that enables professional optimization software such as Google Closure Compiler (javascript optimization), professional CSS and HTML optimization and Google WebP image optimization. This has never been done before. The performance result will be the absolute best possible for any website, even compared to custom CMS based websites that are dedicated to website performance (for example

The plugin will offer a better performance result automatically than our performance engineers are able to deliver manually using our free Above The Fold Optimization plugin.

The plugin will offer a great benefit for SEO (high rankings in Google). The plugin is a tool for White Hat SEO.

The plugin will offer unique website performance optimization innovations such as Fetch Stream API based javascript loading (1 request for ‘per file’ javascript loading) and per page CSS sprite creation.

The new plugin will offer the following unique features:

  • Setup in just 10 minutes and up to 10x better speed than other plugins (verifiable by performance engineers).
  • Automated Critical Path CSS creation to create and maintain professional quality critical CSS for unlimited pages.
  • Semi-automated Google PageSpeed optimization: a step by step guide that enables to semi-automatically achieve a Google PageSpeed 100 score, often within just 10 minutes for users with no technical knowledge.
  • Professional javascript minification and optimization. Most existing (premium) WordPress plugins offer minification at most, the new plugin will offer true Javascript optimization using professional software such as Google Closure Compiler that optimizes javascript for speed.
  • Professional CSS minification and optimization. Similar to Javascript optimization, the new plugin will offer advanced CSS optimization such as the removal of unused CSS to achieve a smaller size and much better CSS performance.
  • Professional HTML optimization. Most (premium) plugins simply compress HTML using regular expressions, the new plugin will provide HTML optimization using professional software to deliver the best (and a reliable) result.
  • Professional image optimization. Most image optimization plugins depend on PHP based solutions, the new plugin will enable the use of the latest professional image optimization software including Google WebP image optimization (a unique feature that is beneficial for SEO).
  • Per page CSS sprite creation. A unique website performance optimization innovation that enables per page CSS sprite creation that will load all images of a page in 1 optimized request. On pages with 100+ images such as webshop index pages it will physically improve the speed 10x or more, even for professional optimized websites. Using CSS sprites an instant load time feeling can be provided for complex webshop pages. It will be stable and usable for high traffic webshops.
  • Full page cache solutions that offer the best speed possible.
  • Full page CDN innovation that enables fast international website speed and that enables to achieve top positions in Google in multiple countries (we have evidence that it will work well to get international premium rankings with a single website).
  • Focus on website performance in relation to SEO (results in Google).

Optimization API

The Optimization API is usable via Node.js (local server) or Amazon Lambda and Google Cloud Functions (cloud server).

The Optimization API will make professional optimization software available in WordPress and the plugin will automate the optimization process so that users with no technical knowledge will be able to obtain a professional optimized website and a Google PageSpeed 100 Score by simply installing the plugin.

Special Offer for WordPress users

The special offer is no longer available. The plugin is expected to be ready by May-July 2017.

Investment / partnership

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Screenshots of the new plugin

The Optimization Wizard will enable non technical users to achieve a Google PageSpeed 100 score.
Optimization API
Hundreds of new professional level HTTP optimization features that have never been available for WordPress before.