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Google's Core Web Vitals is a new score system for measuring the performance of a website very accurately, on a user-experience level. The score is increasingly important for findability in Google (SEO).

Google writes the following about the importance of the score for SEO:

With Google Search now including Core Web Vitals as the foundation for evaluating page experience, it's important that these metrics are as available and actionable as possible.

Test the Core Web Vitals score of your website:

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Lightspeed CMS

Our Google Cloud CDN based optimization plugin for Lightspeed is a very complete professional optimization solution that is designed to achieve the absolute best HTTP performance result possible for any website, including complex javascript heavy websites.

The optimization solution contains everything needed to achieve perfect Google performance scores (Core Web Vitals & PageSpeed) which is an important factor for findability in Google (SEO).

The optimization solution contains hundreds of cutting edge and unique innovations that make it possible to achieve a real 100-score in Google's performance test for any website, and to maintain that score on the long term while Google's performance test becomes tougher. The solution is made to deliver results.

Professional optimization

The optimization solution provides professional level HTML, CSS, javascript and image optimization with the latest software via Google Cloud infrastructure. The solution supports Google Guetzli (AI-software) and Google WebP for image compression and provides advanced Sharp.js based image editing using a simple HTML attribute which enables to professionally watermark and edit images.

The optimization via Google Cloud infrastructure is amazingly fast: hundreds of images, stylesheets and scripts can be optimized simultaneously in a few seconds.

The optimization solution provides all the latest optimization technologies including async stylesheet and script loading, responsive images and lazy loading. Some of the unique innovations are responsive and lazy loaded background images, responsive image HTML compression and client-side Google WebP rewrite.

The optimization solution provides a state of the art automated Critical CSS generator and Unused CSS remover that can provide 100% accuracy. The critical CSS generator and unused CSS remover enables to bypass Google's remove unused CSS penalty purely on the basis of minimum CSS.

International page cache

The solution provides a page cache in Google's CDN infrastructure that provides the fastest server speed in every location in the world, including in individual geographic regions of big countries such as USA, Canada and India, which provides a significant SEO advantage.

international speed Google CDN

Professional and efficient website translation (i18n)

The optimization solution provides a professional translation solution that makes it possible to cost-efficiently translate a website to +50 languages with the use of language-specific domains ( + your-shop.tld). The translation solution combines manual translation using PO files (industry standard) and automated using Google Translate with easy HTML attribute control, which enables to achieve the best translation quality with selective (cost efficient) automation to support the translation of millions of pages.

Websocket instant navigation speed

Our ŵš.com / Websocket innovation can be integrated into the Google Cloud CDN optimization solution so that a website can achieve the best possible first page load performance and perfect Google performance scores for SEO and the fastest possible navigation speed (real instant), also on mobile phones.


The optimization solution can be provided as part of a managed optimization. It includes a professional installation (a perfect Google performance score for all pages) and updates to maintain a perfect Google performance score.

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