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This page offers access to free and paid website test tools for the measurement of website performance (speed), security and SEO related issues. Complete all tests marked important to ensure that your website has an optimal quality to get ranked high in Google.

Enter the URL of your website and select a test to get started.

  Information about Google PageSpeed Insights

Retest your website regularly and setup a website monitor to get notified when a problem arises that impacts website performance or security. Google offers a free website monitor service called Google Webmasters. It is advised to check-in to Google Webmasters regularly (weekly or monthly) to show to Google that you are genuinely concerned with the quality and find-ability of your website.


Secure websites are ranked higher in Google. A new technology that protects against modern attacks is Content Security Policy and Google is able to see if it is installed. Click here to test if Content Security Policy has been implemented correctly.