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ŵš.com is a 1-click install plugin technology for technical instant website speed. The technology works for any regular HTML website, 100% independent from the CMS and webserver.

  • 1 click / 5 minute install for existing HTML websites.
  • Technical instant website speed: <1ms.
  • >90% HTML data-transfer saving (efficient on mobile)
  • Binary HTML and HTML sharding technology.
  • Websocket connection.
  • Stable/reliable: works for any theme.
  • Persistent Google Ads: more ad viewing time.

The ŵš.com plugin technology enables to reliably convert any existing HTML website (e.g. a WordPress website or a complex webshop) into a modern single page app or SPA (React.js/Angular.js) with better performance than most high cost custom apps.

ŵš.com vs Inferno.js

The 1-click install ŵš.com plugin technology provides faster navigation speed for complex WooCommerce themes than Inferno.js, a React.js clone dedicated to speed, that uses a custom SPA theme as demo.

A custom Angular.js or React.js app may cost $50,000 USD to develop. The ŵš.com plugin technology can provide similar advantages for existing websites for a tiny price.

The technology is based on a Websocket connection that provides great performance advantages over HTTP.

Many unique innovations combined such as binary HTML and HTML sharding enable the technology to physically reduce HTML data-transfer per visitor up to >90% (terrabytes of saving per year).

The speed is technical instant: 1-10ms per page. In tests on a Core M laptop (comparable with a mobile phone CPU) speeds of <800μs were achieved for standard WordPress themes.

HTML sharding technology enables unique new features such as persistent Google Ads and real-time HTML. With persistent Google Ads, the ad visibility time on a mobile phone could be increased with +70% which could boost revenue. Real-time HTML enables to update the HTML on a website in real-time, while a visitor is watching a page.

Real-time HTML

A demo of the prototype can be viewed on demo.ŵš.com. The demo is based on a WordPress website (www.e-scooter.co).

Demo: Flatsome WooCommerce theme

Flatsome was the most popular e-commerce theme in 2016. The prototype already works well out of the box for that theme.

The ŵš.com plugin technology just loads the tiny HTML bits that are needed for a new page, efficiently over a binary Websocket connection. The binary HTML is streamed directly onto the screen without serialization overhead. The performance is therefor better than custom React.js apps.

Speed on iPhone

Speed on Android

ŵš.com is a concept.

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