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International SEO for WordPress

The internationalization plugin for WordPress contains state of the art innovations for achieving a top position in Google in over 200 countries.

Website translation

The plugin provides cost efficient and easy to use website translation with a focus on achieving the best quality for SEO. The plugin makes it possible to translate millions of pages with the lowest cost.

The software intends to achieve the lowest costs and the best translation quality through selective automation via Google Translate combined with professional manual translation via .PO translation files (an industry standard used by translators).

The translation technology accepts advanced logic in HTML so that it is possible to override translation from within the HTML and to add complex localization logic using browser features such as local time and money format.


<!-- sprintf + date format with time zone + money format in local currency -->
<div x-translate='{
    "sprintf": {
        "data": [
            "Ordered before %s, shipped (FOR FREE*) today! <em>*when ordering %s or more.",
            {"format": "time", "value": "14:00", "zone": "gmt+1"},
            {"format": "money", "value": "75", "currency": "EUR", "de": "75,- €"}
    "en": "Manual override for English (no sprintf)"
}'> ... </div>
<!-- automatically translate all HTML text within a div -->
<div x-translate-auto> ... </div>
<!-- translate HTML attributes -->
<a href="#" title="Text to be translated" data-attr="Other text to be translated" x-translate='["title", "data-attr"]'>...</a>

International page cache

The plugin provides a page cache in Google's international CDN infrastructure that provides the fastest server speed in every location in the world.

International page cache and CDN via Google's network International page cache and CDN via Google's network

Google's international network is very reliable and provides a SEO advantage for international ranking.


The plugin provides advanced routing and multi-domain support for internationalization.

International website performance

Website performance is an important aspect for international SEO. In some regions of the world internet connectivity is slow, unstable or costly.

The internationalization plugin is part of a professional performance optimization plugin.

The optimization plugin is designed for international SEO and can optimize a website based on environment variables such as HTTP Client hints that provide information about the bandwidth and reliability of an internet connection.

The optimization plugin makes it possible to serve both high and low bandwidth internet users in the best way with the same website, without adding management complexity and without losing functionality.


The internationalization plugin enables to achieve durable top 10 rankings in Google, in over 200 countries.

Results of a demo website after just one year Results of a demo website after just one year

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